Safeguard Your Interest By Locating Your Handset In Time

Mobile handsets, which either get misplaced or are being robbed by some unsocial elements, cause trouble for the user. In many cases, mobile users have to undergo extortion and blackmailing which ultimately takes away their peace of mind. If you or your loved one have recently lost a mobile handset and want to save yourself from such situation then it is advised to know ortung handy before it is too late. You can get phone locator services for your Android as well as iPhones.

Mobile location services for an Android device?

One can opt for smart services offered by Google viz. device manager, finding handset through location history and photos. The device manager is considered as one of the most effective solutions to the problem. You can easily find the mobile as Google provides effective and user interactive maps to the city. The coordinates which are provided by the device manager are precise. This feature will help you to locate the device within a small time frame.

If you think that you can’t get to your handset quickly but in no condition can let your data get into the hands of a third party then you can delete all the exclusive files from the phone memory as well as from the micro SD card of your device. In case, coordinates of the lost mobile are closer to your current position then you can go for the ring option. By clicking on the Ring button, your handset will start to ring with a loud noise for a considerable amount of time period. The mobile will even ring if you had placed it on a silent mode before it got misplaced.

On the contrary, you can also track your handset through the help of Google location history. The timeline of Google will help you to know the places where you’ve been when your mobile phone got lost. The service will also make you aware of the routes which you had chosen to reach your several destinations.

Mobile location services for an iPhone?

To use the application for the iPhone it is mandatory to activate it on your cell device during the initial stages. From another iPhone, it is required to open the application in the lost mode and then one has to place his or her application identification number along with the mobile number which he or she wants to locate. The application will then show the exact position of your mobile device along with the exact coordinates.

Just like the device manager of Google, you can even erase the whole data from the mobile phone by opting for erasing option. Even if the mobile is turned off you can easily give the command, at the time the handset gets connected to iCloud the process of deletion would commence automatically which will help you to delete the data from your mobile handset from a remote location.

Apart from the services of Google and iCloud, one can also safeguard his or her interest by finding the mobile phone through the help of GSM triangulation and through WI-FI networking.

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