About Dirspace.com

With so many Mortgage and Insurance Brokers out there today, we know that you have more choice than ever! The choice is in your hands: Where do you go to get an advice and where you purchase products?!!

No to Thin Listings

We use a fairly robust form, so anybody looking to put up their business or advertise their business on this directory has to at least invest a few minutes to fully flesh out all the features, as well as services that they offer. They also have to flesh out the geographic areas that they serve.

The whole point of this is to make sure that when people come in, regardless of how they search this website, they get very thorough information. They get enough details so they can make an informed decision.

That is the whole point. It’s all about helping you make the right decision. But it’s very hard to do that if the information is obsolete, out of date, or incomplete.

No to Shallow Category Systems

The funny thing about people is that we tend to organize information in many different ways. Often times, this organization is purely personal and unique. This is why any kind of data categorization system must allow for many different individual idiosyncrasies for it to work properly. The key here is to present information so that most people can make sense of it and use it to their maximum advantage.

This is why shallow categories suck. They really do because the people who put up shallow categories automatically assume that you know what you’re searching for. That is too much to assume. So we use a very deep, robust, context-driven directory system so people, regardless of their background, regardless of their experience levels with the internet and technology in general, would be able to find information that they are looking for.

No to Shortages in Local Information

Well, we really go out of our way to encourage local businesses and service providers to get listed here. Our coverage area expands with each and every passing day.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but you can bet that as this website continues to grow, there will be absolutely no shortage in local information.

Our form also asks for as much local contextual information as possible. So, regardless of where you come from, you can get the inside deal as to what a particular service provider or merchant actually does.

No to Out of Date Information

We constantly test our links by cross referencing them to the websites that they link to. And if we notice that there is a disconnect between the information that we have on our website and the information on the provider’s site, we contact them to ask them to update their information. If they’ve gone AWOL, we change the information ourselves.

No to Nonsocial Content

Given the power and influence of social media, it really doesn’t make any sense to leave out social context and social proof. This is why we try to import as much social signals into each of our listings, like number of fans, number of tweets, and other crucial pieces of information that gives a social context to each of our listings.

Given everything that's going on above, our aim is simple. We aim to provide an actual, useful, deep resource that you can use all day, every day!