Why Do Most Directories Suck?

Here are the Reasons

This website is built on the assumption that most other directories suck. That’s why we have stepped up to the plate and tried to come up with our own better version.

If we felt that most directories out there floating through the internet already do a decent job, we probably would not have invested the time, effort and resources to put up this website. They suck primarily because you can’t get the information that you’re looking for.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, well, isn’t that the job of search engines? Don’t people just jump on a search engine and look for information?

Well, search engines are great if you have a question. Search engines are great if you’re looking for institutions. They also do a good job of listing out essentially disembodied or picked apart versions of questions answered by resources like Wikipedia.

But when it comes to actual local businesses, it’s a crapshoot. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes you just get a link to the social media page of that business because that business either doesn’t have its own website or there’s really nothing in context about that business.

This is very frustrating because you’d be surprised as to how many local businesses who have been around for a while and are considered local institutions, don’t have a significant online presence. People have become loyal to these businesses. They have a tremendous amount of good will, but you can’t tell by their online presence.

We have set up this directory website to take care of these problems. Basically, we reach out to local businesses on a mass level to put up their listings. Also, our listings are very robust because they speak to the actual needs of people.

We understand how people search. We understand the concerns that they have when they search for local business information. We also understand the impact of mobile social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, among others. Putting this all together, we have come up with an alternative to the typical flat and shallow directory that is very social, very thorough, and at the same time, aims to pack as much information as possible.

We understand that it’s not just a question of how you do things, it’s also a question of what you have to offer. So this way, we pack in as much community interaction in our directory. Now, some listings are more active than others, but at the very least, you get a contextual view.

Sadly, this is exactly what’s missing from too many other websites. They’re just software that simply got reused over and over again. In fact, a lot of them pull from the same database, so they basically just pollute the internet with the same basic categories and the same basic information, and it’s anybody’s guess whether people actually bother with these.

There’s just so many of them. It’s no surprise that Google has, for some time now, been penalizing links from these types of sites. That’s really too bad because in theory, they could be delivering so much more value.

And that’s the mission of this website. We’re trying to deliver the value that many other directories simply can’t or won’t provide.