Content Marketing Strategy Is The Key To SEO

Content is the main aspect of any website. If the content on any website is not available or relevant then it is quite difficult for the websites to catch the attention of the customers. Informative content with appropriate use of keyword is helpful for the businesses to get better ranking. SEO Expert in Sydney suggests that marketing or promotion of the content is also a major aspect of growing the visibility of the website. However, the duplicate content can spoil all your efforts. Duplicate content is a major drawback for the SEO strategy which lowers the rank of the website on the search engine list.

Save your website from the duplicate content

It is always said that you should add unique content to your website to grow the ranking of your website. However, there are many website owners who prefer to continue the use of duplicate content on their website. Duplicate content means the content that is already available on some webpage or website. It is present on the internet at more than one location.

Some of the companies tend to buy two or more URLs thinking to improve their traffic and for that, they use the same content on both the websites. Well, this gives no result in growing the traffic for the website rather lowers the present ranking of the website. This happens because the search engine is unable to determine the right content which matches exactly to the keyword search. Duplicate content is also a problem as it can cause the Google to penalize you and block your website.

Important tips to reduce your chances of adding duplicate content

Some of the websites have similar content but still, they are working. It can be because Google has not paid attention to the irrelevant or least popular websites. But, you should not attempt this. Here are some of the essential tips to reduce including duplicate content on your website:

  • Set up the signal like 301 redirect so that Google can be notified about the bots of your pages which have similar content. It enables Google to determine the right page to consider for improving the ranking of the website.
  • You should ensure to hire the professional web content writers to write the high-quality content for your website. Analyze your website first so that you are able to identify the keywords that match the keywords on other websites. You can make relevant changes in the keyword or content.
  • Meta Robots No index tags should be added to the HTML heads of the pages on which duplicate content is available.
  • Use Google Search Console to identify the duplicate content on your website. It is a great tool which will show you the list of URLs which you are using. In case, you find two or more URLs same then it is the alert. You need to change them quickly to promote a healthy SEO for your website.

There are many more tips which are suggested by the experts from Peter NGO. You can visit the site to get their help to avoid content duplicity.

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