How to Pick the Right Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-shirt Printing

With the various options for picking heat transfer vinyl, it is very much normal to be confused when making a decision.  There is every chance that you are considering vinyl made from premium polyurethane materials when choosing a vinyl. If perchance, you have doubts on what to consider when making decisions, below we provide some things for you to look out for when shopping for the best vinyl for fabrics.


When you have so many options with varying quality to choose from when you go shopping for a heat transfer vinyl, it is advised that you are prepared beforehand. Among preparation includes reading customers reviews and feedbacks, thus providing you with beneficial information on the various quality indicators to find. Issues with bubbling, melting or peeling after one wash is a sign that you should avoid such heat transfer vinyl because of its inferior quality. You will observe that the best heat transfer vinyl for fabrics are easy to transfer and cut. Heat transfer vinyl of high quality is thinner than the other vinyl you find in the market. Thinner vinyl can be transferred easily, and hand or a machine can cut them with ease.

Easy to transfer:

What you need to complete your assignments effectively is a vinyl that transfers quick and easy. It is advised that you avoid purchasing vinyl that has been reviewed by another customer as being difficult to transfer. Certain vinyl of superior quality permits one to transfer designs quickly on different items like promotional and special event bags, headgear, shirts and much more.

The range of colours:

The ability to choose from different colours to suit ideas is a very vital point to consider when one is considering a heat transfer vinyl kit. You will require using trendy, diverse, vibrant and bright colours when getting creative with vinyl transfer designs. The last thing you want is being limited to some primary colours. It is best you take your time and check out the vinyl kits we recommended that offer sheets in different finishes and colours including standard, matte, or glossy.


One thing that is very frustrating about vinyl that is self-adhesive is the incapability of some of them to stick to the job. Self-adhesive vinyl is convenient, but it is advised that you look out for the vinyl that comes separately with protective liners. These protective liners play a very important role, in the sense that they help keep the adhesive coat usable and fresh. You will not have to spend time enduring the misery to suit your pattern, to discover that it fails when you need it to stick to the surface of the fabric that you want it transferred to.


It is important you are aware of the fact that the wide variety of options, makes it quite easy for the compatibility of the vinyl you want to purchase to be overlooked. It is important you avoid the mistake of buying a vinyl that looks good, to find out that it is not suitable for the surface you want it transferred to or it is not compatible with the brand of the cutting machine you are using.

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