How to Select the Best Rug Colour for Your Space

How do you select the rug color that is ideal for your room? We are here to give you the best answer. We want to inform you on how to select a rug color because the selection of the ideal area rug crafted by Southwestern Rugs Depot – authentic western rugs is both a visual and financial investment. So, which of the colors should you opt for? If you are selecting an area rug for your current room, you should consider your lifestyle and personal taste.

For instance, do you chase around pets or young children most of the day? If that is the case, a white shag rug is not the ideal color choice.

Endeavor to choose a rug that is durable and can withstand heavy use for high traffic areas.

You should opt for a rug that is specially designed with wool for easy wash and impenetrability properties. These kinds of rugs do not wear and tear from heavy usage as applicable to many other synthetic rugs.

Formal Color Tones and Patterns

The ideal area rug can enhance or disrupt a room settings. When you choose an area rug for your room, the rug will complement other elements in the room. Are you looking to incorporate a formal look for your dining room or living room? If so, conventional jewel-toned Bokhara Rugs or Chobi Ziegler Oriental Rugs help to create a regal feel.

Muted Color Tones Create Serenity

If you desire to create a serene or tranquil setting in a room, consider soft color tones, and select colors that comes from the same color palette. Monochromatic color schemes combined with light tones are classically soothing. Avoid selecting a bold contrast in accessories or throw pillow.

Bright and Vibrant Colors Illuminate Energy

Area rugs can stand out in a room, especially when they illuminate the main color source. The incorporation of a bright rug into the warm wall themes creates a fantastic impact!

Complimenting Colors

Many people opt for a style that fall somewhere in between bold and serene. If you are looking for an area rug that will perfectly match the décor of the room you already have created, choose an area rug whose color scheme matches your room’s décor. For instance, for a room that has burgundy sofas and cream walls, endeavor to go for a rug that combines a beige-toned motif against rich burgundy tones.

Opt for a rug that will bring out the accent color of the room and also complement the third color to throw a vase, wall art, and cushions.

Patterned Rugs—What Do They Go With?

If you really love the patterned rug and you are disturbed that it won’t match a room in your home, always take it into account that the pattern does not need to complement every feature in the home.

Instead, opt for the color tones that fall in the same category as the design motif of the rug and match the colors with the room’s colors and textures that go well together with the art or accessories in the room. No one wants to buy an item that won’t suit their needs and requirements and you have to consider several factors before buying an area rug to enable you to get the maximum value for your money.

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