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The funny thing about directories is that they really establish context. That’s their main source of value. Now you may be thinking to yourself that this is not that big of a deal. After all, search engines work on pretty much the same principle. The whole idea behind Google, after all, involves determining the value of a link.

Prior to Google, search engines ranked pages based on the content found on those pages. As you can well imagine, people just ripped off each other’s pages to rank well on search engines like Hotbot or Alta Vista. Well, Google caused a revolution by paying attention not to the content found on a page but the links pointed to that page. The internet, after all, is just a giant collection of links.

This sounds awesome, right? But the problem is eventually, a lot of people found out that by simply pumping out a lot of links and pointing it to their website, they can manipulate results on Google and that’s precisely what happened. Indeed, for many of these service sites, their rankings have nothing to do with how many people find their services acceptable. Some are downright bad.

Fast forward several years and now Google has reached a point that it can use artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning to make this process less susceptible to spam. In other words, when people list a link, Google checks for context. Google is not going to give your website much credit if you are being linked from a very low quality site or you’re being linked to randomly.

What does this have to do with high quality directories or service platforms like localgrapher.com? Well, it has everything to do with that because high quality directories establish context. You don’t go to certain directories and list random websites that have nothing to do with the topic of those directories.

This is a very powerful context building quality that really provides a lot of value to people looking for certain services or products to buy. Localgrapher.com is an online platform where photographers in any local area can become visible to people who are in need of their services.

Maybe people are looking for a photographer to shoot footage of an upcoming baptism, wedding or engagement. Whatever the case may be, they get in touch with the right local photography professionals. They’re also able to bid so everybody walks away happy.

You can find localgrapher.com by doing searches on Google. But the more efficient and context driven way to find such highly specialized skill exchange platforms is through directories. Directories provide context and you are more likely to find high quality websites and platforms like localgrapher using directories rather than doing random Google searches.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Google is completely irrelevant. I would be a fool to claim that. Instead, you should use Google, but you should also cross reference high quality directories for context.

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