Tips on Extending the Life of Your Composite Deck

Your garden is now embelished by your new decking, but in order to enjoy it for longer, there are a few easy things to bear in mind.


Once your deck has been installed, it’s time to start looking after it to extend its service life. While it is true that composite boards require less maintenance than timber decking, both types still need some care and attention.

Make sure to clean your composite decking twice a year, or whenever needed, with suitable products; the best time to do so is when the weather is warm and dry. Begin by removing any leaves and debris off the surface with a broom. If there is any kind of build-up, such as moss or algae, use a scraper or a hard-bristle brush until the deck is cleared.

Next, apply a composite decking cleaner; you can find quality products at your local composite decking UK supplier. Alternatively, you can also use a bucket of hot soapy water. Never use bleach or other corrosive substances, though.

Scrub the surface with a hard-bristle brush until there is no more debris left. But don’t wash it off just yet; leave the soapy water or the cleaner on the deck for a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly and leave the boards to dry.

General care tips

Keeping the deck clean is important in order to prevent mould and mildew. While these are quite common, higher temperature and moisture levels can make them worse. Cleanliness means not only washing the boards off, but also removing leaves and debris before they pile up and favour moulding.

Moreover, avoid damaging your deck by dropping heavy items or by dragging plant pots or furniture across the boards. If you use chairs and tables with metal feet, make sure to place some material of suitable thickness between their feet and the deck.

Also, an additional surface is needed on top of the composite decking when using barbecues and fire pits; never place these directly on the boards. Make sure embers won’t set the deck on fire and that the barbecue is secure and won’t fall over.

In case you have timber decking, you will most likely need to treat it before installation with a deck seal. Use preserver on cut ends and in drill holes. As for maintenance, regular cleaning and recoating of all sides is important; use deck seal, deck oil or deck stain.

Trees and decking

If there is a tree on the area you wish to build the decking, try to frame it around the tree. Take into account the amount of water the tree will need to reach its base, as well as the tree’s extensive root system, making sure not to damage it in any way.

Surround the tree with beams that are placed between two double joists perpendicular to the house. The load of the joists will be placed around the tree. Make sure to leave enough room for the tree to grow. Then add the boards close to the base of the trunk.

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