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I remember buying my first canopy tent when I was in college. I remember it clearly because it was a bad experience. That’s right. I just jumped into Google and I typed in the keyword “canopy tent reviews” That’s the exact keyword that I typed in and guess what I found? That’s right. I found reviews that did not help me all that much.

I didn’t know it back then, but in hindsight, most of those reviews were self serving, they were written in a very circular way, also, they tended to beat into the ground the whole concept of “the best” Let me tell you. If you are looking to buy anything, I’m talking about any product ranging from canopy tents to baby beach tents to solar powered generators to coffee mugs or what have you, you can’t hang your hat on the phrase “the best”

It leads nowhere, it often creates more confusion than it resolves. In fact, it may seem like it generates a lot of heat, but there’s really not much light produced. Do you see where I’m coming from? There are a lot of reviews that are emotionally written. They are designed to pull at your heartstrings, but at the end of the day, they don’t really lead you any closer to the answer that you are looking for.

You’re looking to maximize the amount of value you get for as little money as possible. That’s your game plan. You’re trying to put out as little cash as possible but walking away with as much value as possible. How do you make that happen? Make sure you pick a product that actually addresses all your problems. Unfortunately, just going into Google to type in canopy tent reviews is not going to cut it. This is why I discovered directories.

Directories, for all their bad reputation at certain historical stages of the development of the internet, still work. They deliver solid value. They focus on context. This means that if you’re looking for canopy tent reviews, you go to directories that focus on tents. This way, you have a higher likelihood of getting to the right answer.

Sadly, so many people have such a negative view of directories due to the fact that they were abused for SEO purposes in years past. If you were around back then, it was kind of nasty. Seriously. There were all sorts of barely readable ‘articles’ posted on directories. Also, these directories were badly organized. Obviously, they weren’t meant to be read since normal people would not want to hassle with these lists of random links.

Accordingly, people are under the impression that if they go visit these directory sites they would get treated to the same mass of low quality ‘made for google’ type of content. Can you say you blame them? I can’t. Still, times have changed and people should check out directories. They are in for a pleasant surprise.

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