Why It Would Be Wise To Go For FIFO Racks In A Warehouse?

For any warehouse, it is very essential to have proper inventory management as it will help in the proper succession of the business. Inside a warehouse, management follows different types of goods maintenance strategies. These strategies help a company to load and unload goods in an efficient manner. One such type of strategy is drive through racking system. This is basically used in the FMCG sector. This racking usually keeps separate entry and exit areas for the goods.

Some basic facts about FIFO racks

Basically, this type of racking system strictly adheres to first in, first out criterion. Workers fill in the racks from one side and then they empty it from the opposite side. This facility is basically used so that the warehouse can manage its fast-moving consumer goods in an efficient manner. Goods that are more close to expiry date are basically shifted in first. One also needs to have an extra passageway which will be used for unloading of the goods. This type of storage facility will also help a warehouse to be less dense which also makes it less prone to several unwanted incidences.

Due to drive through system, workers inside the warehouse are also sure that they are handling the right good during the time of unloading. The facility also helps to prevent damage to the racks since workers don’t have to get inside of the lanes again and again for removal of goods as it is the case with drive-in racks.

Why is it essential to design great racks?

It is very essential for a warehouse to design an impeccable racking from expert engineers. Professional engineers are known to design racks which will meet the requirements of a warehouse in an efficient manner. They take into consideration the pallet size as well as the total weight of the goods which a rack has to bear. It is advised to use aluminum frames for this purpose since they are waterproof, cost-effective and have high tensile strength. It is the responsibility of warehouse management to get pre-scheduled servicing for the racks which will help them to save a large amount of money on future replacements.

On the contrary, inspection of the racks is also very beneficial as they prevent big mishappenings inside of a warehouse. In some cases, experts also help to provide proper galvanization of the aluminum frames for the process of rack construction. This feature helps to provide additional life span to the product.

Some other characteristics of a FIFO rack

Most of the times a Z shaped arm railing is used for racks. This feature not only provides extra strength to the railings but it also prevents the goods from falling. In comparison to drive in racks, here you don’t have to spend much, either on installation or maintenance of the rack. It is very easy to install the rack, one only needs to have extra space inside the warehouse. During the processing, the goods will get rolled one ahead of the other.

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